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Dedicated to the Topeka Cemetery -- 1859 till Tomorrow

by Lowell Manis, September 18, 2010

From Prairie dust there rose a town
Like nothing else you'll see around
As the might KAW from many streams
They handed us their hopes and dreams.

They light the path for what we are
And built for us a shinning car
They bent their backs through storm and rains
And brought to us the awesome trains.

Can we now just let that fail
and let their lives fall in the pale?
A watchman of our history
That's what this place has come to be.

Have you not eyes that you might see?
This is the place they chose to be!
Doctors, lawyers and Indian Chiefs
The builders of our greatest feats.

From many wars they made it free
For all those in our history
So many died, and here they rest
I say they more than passed the test

They gave their lives to give us choices
We must now hear their silent voices
Look over them, as they lie still
Upon this green and wondrous hill.

Honor their dreams and do what's right
This is a never ending fight
To hear the voices from the past
Is the only future that will last.


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