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Pilot Project for Local Fund Raising through the Proposed Trolley Club.

Cost: Approx. $4.5 million for hybrid street car demo tracks including diesel-electric and hydrogen cell total “green” motive electric power hybrids. Over-head wire would be an extra $4 million at least. Landscaping and special trolley stop at the Harley Davidson location would cost extra.

About a mile of track is all this project will require and it is an all important track installation that could be a tie-in of the Phase One or Phase Two proposed plan for Topeka’s River Front street car track alignment.

This project would put demo streetcars of various types in Topeka temporarily for enhancing expo and convention tie-ins and would enlighten any audience or targeted groups about the subject of modern streetcars within their cities.

This small area would even allow Topeka to purchase or lease it’s first streetcar(s) for local conventions and public events. The purpose of this inclusion would to illustrate the versatility of streetcar transportation in numerous situations that one would find in the Topeka area such as typical or untypical curb-side trolley stops, running tracks across turf, flower gardens, parks etc. This expo area of modern trolley operation would give the illusion of actually traveling several miles due to the diversification of entertainment features along the alignment.

In the Phase One River Project, we will eventually want to include the Expo Center and hotel area as a high priority inclusion, so this alignment will already be installed and paid for locally before we fund the approximately $148 or more River Front alignment which will focus on Downtown (North and South Kansas Ave), Oakland, Potwin,, Ward Mead, Gage Park, and Kansas Museum areas, as well as the optional Highland Park, Vinewood and Lake Shawnee areas.

The general public will be able to ride and be entertained by an enhanced trolley and bike/ped attraction. The alignment could have a one-way bike trail on both sides of the tracks. The inclusion of mini-parks would be a place for bicyclers to ride and meet in attractive, landscaped rock gardens with picnic tables, shade trees connected to and accessible to Shunga Trail. This assumes that carnival space will still be available also.

This “streetcar expo” attraction would offer optional places for our local proposed “Trolley Club” to meet on various occasions. It could be used for expos to generate memberships and raise funds for the River Front / Downtown Project.

The proposed area would certainly be useful for setting a first impression image of Topeka for many reasons, including attracting commerce and illustrating the seriousness of a full-scale plan for a Topeka trolley system formatted to attract tourism from outside our city and to invite outside developers to invest multiple billions of dollars along the 37 mile streetcar track alignment.

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