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1. From Quincy Station to River Road.

2. River Road and Branner Street. (This encircles the Santa Fe Shops area)

3. SE 6th to Seward.

4. Oakland South.

5. Oakland North, Billard Airport.

6. Sardou, Little Russia, North Topeka includes Garfield Park.

7. Overland Station to Ward Mead Park.

8. Potwin to Oakley Ave. (goes through Hubble Park via Kanza Drive).

9.West 6th St. to Gage Park.

10. Gage Park to SW Wanamaker Rd.

11. SW 4th & Wanamaker to Kansas Museum.(exiting via Urish Rd, 10th St. to Wanamaker Rd)


12. W 10th, Fairlawn, 8th St.

13. Fairlawn & 8th, to Flemings Place.

14. Frazier, Washburn Park, 8th & Topeka Avenue.

15. State Capitol to Quincy Station (via Downtown Topeka via S. Kansas Ave. North to 3rd and back via Monroe St.)

Below is an alternate Phase One replacement link including Vinewood, Expo Center and Washhurn University. It is referred as Phase One B. It involves maps 16, 17 and 18:

16. Highland Park--Vinewood

17. W 21st & Adams to Expo Center.

18. Expo Center--Washburn University--10th St. (Return to Quincy Station according to Map 15)

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State Capitol to Quincy Station


MAP 15

--E on 8th St. to pass by the State
Capitol building and grounds.

--N on Jackson to the old Jayhawk Hotel. Lobby would make a good trolley stop.

--S Kansas Avenue to cover the Downtown Topeka retail shopping district.
--E on 3rd St.
--S on Monroe to Quincy Station.




This concludes the Phase One project of putting a light rail system in Topeka. Phase One is unique because it is designed exclusively for tourism purposes in Topeka. Additionally, certain areas in Phase One are so well covered with tracks the practical trans-portation needs have been answered to absolute completion. That includes the Oakland and Potwin neighborhoods, down-town Topeka, and Historic Downtown North Topeka.

This route conveniently offers three grocery stores, one shopping center, the entirety of Downtown Topeka and Historic Downtown North Topeka, all hotels on the route, Amtrak and Billard Airport, our best parks, hospitals, library, and the Kansas Museum. This shows the best we have to offer. This loop is an early Topeka, old-timish and rive-front theme. Phase Two loops will be short loops to the Capitol Plaza Hotel, Washurn University, Civic Theater, Lake Shawnee and Vinewood. Phase Three will fill in for practical transportation needs all over Topeka. Either Phase Two or Phase Three of track layout should reach out to all Suburban areas on all sides of Topeka.

Phase One tries to include all it can with minimal expense to create one loop for tourism, requiring no transfers to complete the loop. The “River Front Zephyr”, shall we say,should be a multiple-car luxury tram. It will be crucial to complete Phase One as soon as possible-- as this phase will finance the other two Phases.

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