Portland Trolley

Highland Park -- Vinewood

Outbound from Quincy Station:
Definition of Route:

South on Monroe to intercept the Ritche House area on 11th and Monroe Elemen-tary School on 15th with a stop at the school, work our way through Highland Park to Vinewood for a stop accessing a future extention around--or at least AT Lake Shawnee.

Southbound routing from Quincy Station may work like this:
--S on Monroe
--E on the horse-shoe curve at 11th, then follow street around to intercept 12th St.
--Continue south on Monroe.
--W on 15th to corner of Monroe Elemen-tary school for a stop.
--S on Quincy
--E on 17th to merge with 15th to Adams
--E cross Adams on to Hudson which curves southward.
--E on 19th St
-N SE Indiana at Antioch Family Life Center.
--E on SE 18th Terr which curves south.
Cut a right-of-way eastbound across field and light timber following the orange optional (preferable) route. Either route cuts through the Hillcrest Community Center--depending upon which entrance is deemed best to intercept 21st Street.

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Orange Route Option: Cutting across this area opens up opportunity for investors to develop the “dormant” areas. This area would have appeal to investors targeting age groups from 9 years old through teens beings the property is adjacent to the community center. Water slides and four-wheeler and skate boarding areas could be put here to entertain this very active age group. Theory is, if we can contain these high energy youth in Topeka by catering to their needs as hard as we try to cater to the needs of the elderly, disabled, and baby boomers groups, we will retain young Topekans who will also become residents here and link with their careers here. This seems like a likely “hot spot” for youth to socialize. Other socializing establishments could be put in this area.

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Purple Route Option: This goes out further on 21st and goes southbound on Whittenberg Rd to pick some rural areas. These areas may attract developers. It must backtrack to Dornwood Park and backtrack again to the Vinewood in order to pick up more area on Wittenberg Road and to offer a stop at the neighborhoods to the east of Wittenberg Road.
-E on 21st
-S on California
-Cut East into Dillon's’s and work toward 29th St
-E on 29th St
--Cut Southeast according to the orange alternate (preferred) route to Vinewood. These two “dormant areas” would be attractive to investors who may want to tie in with a turn-of- the- century theme consistent with the Vinewood history.
--E on 29th
--N on Aquarius Drive to offer service to this neighborhood.
--E on Aries
--N on SE 23rd Terr curving to the east.
--Take the ‘Y” to the right, then
24th Terr. to Croco.
--S on Croco to, at least, set up for a future route extention clockwise around Lake Shawnee--putting all stops on the right side of the vehicle. length is about 7.5 miles. This would lead back around to 29th Street.

Inbound to Quincy Station:
--W on 29th
--N on Burlingame
--W on 21st
--N on MacVicar to cut right into Washburn University with route designed by civil engineering to come out either on 17th or Washburn.
--N on Lane to intercept 10th St. where Phase One track is already laid and is available for returning to Quincy Station by making a pass by the State Capitol, all of S Kansas Ave and veering back south to intercept the Station.






1. From Quincy Station to River Road.

2. River Road and Branner Street. (This encircles the Santa Fe Shops area)

3. SE 6th to Seward.

4. Oakland South.

5. Oakland North, Billard Airport.

6. Sardou, Little Russia, North Topeka includes Garfield Park.

7. Overland Station to Ward Mead Park.

8. Potwin to Oakley Ave. (goes through Hummer Park via Kanza Drive).

9.West 6th St. to Gage Park.

10. Gage Park to SW Wanamaker Rd.

11. SW 4th & Wanamaker to Kansas Museum.(exiting via Urish Rd, 10th St. to Wanamaker Rd)


12. W 10th, Fairlawn, 8th St.

13. Fairlawn & 8th, to Flemings Place.

14. Frazier, Washburn Park, 8th & Topeka Avenue.

15. State Capitol to Quincy Station (via Downtown Topeka via S. Kansas Ave. North to 3rd and back via Monroe St.)

Below is an alternate Phase One replacement link including Vinewood, Expo Center and Washhurn University. It is referred as Phase One B. It involves maps 16, 17 and 18:

16. Highland Park--Vinewood

17. W 21st & Adams to Expo Center.

18. Expo Center--Washburn University--10th St. (Return to Quincy Station according to Map 15)