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Morrell Meat Building


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Luncheon served at new buildings's conference via work crew with various Morrell meats.
Newly constructed Morrell Packing Plant Bldg. #50
Newly constructed Morrell Bldg #50






The Morrell Building, a 7-story building designed as a meat packing plant, build in 1940, was a state of the art building with refrigeration from the 2nd floor to the top floor, elevators and conveyors.











Morrell Building #50 Fact Sheet:

(from Topeka Journal, Dec. 31, 1940)

--Built in 1940

--7 stories in height with basement.120 x 100 feet in area.

--Completely fireproof.

--Construction: Floors and roof are of rein---forced concrete, all exterior walls of pressed brick, trimmed with pre cast stone. Cold storage section insulated with cork board and finished with glazed tile. All inside walls are faced with glazed tile and work rooms are well lighted by windows and glass brick.

Building Arrangement:

--Seventh floor devoted to Red Heart dog food.

--Sixth floor, lard refining.

--Fifth floor, canning and cooking.

--Forth floor, sausage cooking and smoking.

--Third floor, sausage manufacturing.

--Second floor, storage and packing.

--First floor, assembly and shipping.

--Basement, curing and dry salt departments.

--Refrigeration areas are provided on each floor.

--Two elevators are installed, one large one for freight and one of the cage type.

--Built by Spencer: The general contractor was F.M. Spencer & Son, Plumbing and heating by Sheahan & Degan, electric work by Overton Electric Company, neon sign by Chubb Sign Service. The architect was the Henschlien, Everds & Crombie firm of Chicago.

Facts Continued:

The Morrell Plant was open to the general public 5-days per week and a regular schedule was maintained to show visitors thru the plant.

Robert M. Othwaite was general manager, Henry T. Quinn, sales manager and assistant manager; J.V. Snyder was super--intendent, assisted by J.H. Lockwood and C. E. McDonald; Ellwood L. Johnson was chief engineer. A staff of 12 United States Inspectors, headed by Dr. C.E. Henderson was at the Morrell plant. They were employed by the department of agri--culture, bureau of animal industry.















Principle speakers at the two--day sales conference, left to right: G.D. Morrell, of Ottumwa, Iowa (director of publicity); R.M. Owthwaite, manager of the Topeka plant, and H. T. Quinn, saless-manager of the Topeka plant.

Right: This is a view of the Morrell Meat build--ing from the westward side--facing easterly.