Neighborhood Maps

1. From Quincy Station to River Road.

2. River Road and Branner Street. (This encircles the Santa Fe Shops area)

3. SE 6th to Seward.

4. Oakland South.

5. Oakland North, Billard Airport.

6. Sardou, Little Russia, North Topeka includes Garfield Park.

7. Overland Station to Ward Mead Park.

8. Potwin to Oakley Ave. (goes through Hubble Park via Kanza Drive).

9.West 6th St. to Gage Park.

10. Gage Park to SW Wanamaker Rd.

11. SW 4th & Wanamaker to Kansas Museum.(exiting via Urish Rd, 10th St. to Wanamaker Rd)


12. W 10th, Fairlawn, 8th St.

13. Fairlawn & 8th, to Flemings Place.

14. Frazier, Washburn Park, 8th & Topeka Avenue.

--N Central Park Ave for a stop at Central Park.

--R on 13th

--N on Western

--E on 10th to follow Map 15 back to Quincy Station on already laid tracks.


Continue on to Washburn University Route:

See next link and Map 18 for a route suggestion.

15. State Capitol to Quincy Station (via Downtown Topeka via S. Kansas Ave. North to 3rd and back via Monroe St.)

Below is an alternate Phase One replacement link including Vinewood, Expo Center and Washhurn University. It is referred as Phase One B. It involves maps 16, 17 and 18:

16. Highland Park--Vinewood

17. W 21st & Adams to Expo Center.

18. Expo Center--Washburn University--10th St. (Return to Quincy Station according to Map 15)


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Vinewood--Expo Center--Washburn Univ.



Little Rock
MAP 17

Inbound from Vinewood--Lake Shawnee to Quincy Station via Expo Center and a Washbun University Stop. The orange route was explained in the previous link and is a short cut back to Qunicy Station incase that would be the extent of the budget for Phase One B.

Backtrack from Vinewood using the same tracks for economy reasons until intercepting 21st and Adams. Then . . .

--W on 21st

--S on Kansas Ave.

--N on VanBuren

--W SW Hampton

Cut right-of-way across Topeka Blvd. directly west into the property of or adjacent to Harley Davidson and following the angle of Sungananga Creek for one of the most unique and appropriate stops in Central Topeka. This would be a major streetcar terminal rather than just an ordinary stop as we have the motorcycle museum and showroom, The Black Dog Restaurant, Eagle's Nest Coffee Shop, a Hair Salon and other features. This would be a hard-to-beat people hangout linking with a streetcar stop on the property.





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Little Rock











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The right-of-way could continue west over the creek and curve north to intercept the Expo Center and Hotel rather than exit on 21st street and enter on Western. A culvert would be necessary for crossing over the creek.

--Exit Expo Centre complex on "Expoduster Blvd."

--W on 17th


ORANGE LINE: The orange line recommends a quick way to get back to Quincy Station in case budget does not permit to include Washburn University during Phase One. It goes through neighborhoods and connects with Central Park--which would likely be developed into a glorified streetcar stop and perhaps with a small parking lot for neighborhood folks to meet the streetcar. Then the route would connect with already laid tracks on 10th street and follow map 15 back to Quincy Station. Street routing for this comprimise is as follows: