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In 1999, Sacramento Regional Transit purchased a beautifully restored trolley (PG&E 35) from the California Trolley & Railroad Corporation in San Jose. The car had been completely rebuilt in the late1980s as part of group of seven immaculately restored trolleys for operation in San Jose. Car 35 is operated on special occasions over a portion of the Light Rail system in the downtown area. Car 35 had returned to Sacramento once before, in 1991, coinciding with RailFair at the California State Railroad Museum.

Interest in establishing a permanent streetcar circulator system in California's capitol city has been steadily building in recent years. The non-profit "Friends of Light Rail and Transit" group has been providing research and technical assistance as part of its mission to "promote community dialogue regarding pedestrian-friendly land use planning around light rail stations, expansion of Sacramento's light rail and bus transit system, and reintroduction of historic trolley service".

In 2006-7, the cities of Sacramento and West Sacramento combined to carry out a streetcar feasibility study for a 2.2 mile route that would link the two cities. Building on the feasibility study, the two cities are now working on a detailed environmental analysis and additional community involvement. Full details are available on the Riverfront Streetcar website.





Riverfront Streetcar Partially Funded

New line running from Downtown Sacramento west to West Sacramento, across Sacramento River
Construction could begin in 2010









Saturday, February 05, 2011
Streetcar Planning Study

On Tuesday the 8th, the Sacramento City Council will adopt a resolution authorizing the City Manager to execute a professional service agreement with Fehr & Peers to perform a Streetcar Planning Study for an amount not to exceed $310,000. The study would evaluate the feasibility of alternative streetcar routes throughout strategic locations in the City, compare alignments for maximum economic, environmental and mobility benefits, and develop a priority list for funding and implementation.

Since May 2006, the City of Sacramento has worked in partnership with the City of West Sacramento, Regional Transit (RT) and the Yolo County Transportation District (YCTD) to develop a streetcar project that will connect Downtown West Sacramento with Downtown Sacramento (Downtown Riverfront Streetcar line). Over the past several years, guided by a Policy Steering Committee (PSC) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), the initial phase of this streetcar project was designed. The first phase of this project will begin at the West Sacramento City Hall and end at the Tower Bridge. As part of this Streetcar Planning Study and working with these partners, theCity of Sacramento will complete the planning work and determine the alignment for the Sacramento phase of this project.