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A revitalizing of grave site burials is possible by two unique factors when applied to Topeka, if the 37-mile street-railway system as proposed by The Steel Rails Advocate becomes reality. ONE: Street trolley rails connecting to cemeteries, beyond the Phase One plan and it's funding parameters--funded by state tourism and federal funds as well as cemetery association investors. Cemetery investors would fund the rails into the cemetery if desired. TWO: A change in STYLE and AFFORDABILITY of the average funeral. This would include a disassociation of the negatives and stigmas of traditional funeral formats.


-- No scale has been assigned to this sketch.

-- Man-made lake optional. Although it is suggested that the property be fenced in, the lake, albeit small, would offer a little more privacy as a border inside the fence.


The State and City would partner a project of designing a "Garden of Eden" park specifically designed for outdoor funerals, however, other secluded activities would be able to coincide simultaneously if these events are compatible. Conventions, corporate picnics and weddings would be an example.

The funeral park concept, in Topeka could be an attractive compromise by using the already existing Ward-Mead Park which would utilize the manson and property east of it by special appointment. The Phase One street railway plan already includes tracks serving Ward-Mead with the mansion area being an official street-car stop.

A franchise arrangement would be drafted between the city transit railway company and the funeral associations for the use of "Old Betsy" (a likeness of the original funeral trolley car catering to Topeka Cemetery from 1889 to about 1937) see "Old Betsy" .

Old Betsy would carry all the mourners from the "Funeral Park" to the cemetery while their cars would be secured behind locked gates (or special security in the case of Ward Mead). They would be transported, with the casket, to the cemetery of choice within the boundaries of the City of Topeka. There, they would be met via a horse-drawn funeral carriage car which would transport the casket to the burial site. The procession would proceed on foot to the grave site following the horse-drawn hearse. . An optional musical escort such as a bag pipe procession wound lead the way.

After the grave site ceremony, the gathering would be transported back to the funeral park via "Old Betsy"; where a reception would be arranged in one of the botanical garden private areas with catering already set up.

A plan involving affordable caskets, (see examples, handcrafted wooden with no erie, spooky, lavish interiors, just beautiful wood, the old fashioned style) would be the norm. These caskets are available from $500 00 to $1700.00. They are more than beautiful, they are natural and sporting breath taking beauty and craftsmanship.

If these unique-to-Topeka possibilities can be incorporated into a funeral plan costing not more than $5,000-- $10,000, then the appeal of a wonderful event honoring the deceased beyond what most people are accustomed to, would erase the negative stigma that people associate with burial type funerals and with price packages where the average person can afford it out of the typical death benefit provided by a typical life insurance policy. There are many advantages to a casket burial which needs to be communicated to the general public. Most of us, if we knew that a pre-needs plan outlined a funeral of that caliber at that price, was planed for us, would feel appropriately honored even before the need. Currently, a funeral of that caliber is only seen utilized on funerals of a statesman. Funerals should be inspiring and encouraging. A burial ceremony should be more about the resurrection and eternal promises made to us from the Holy Scriptures. The outdoor "Garden of Eden" effect would be appropriate for this. In case of Ward-Mead, the mansion could be used in case of bad weather--either the east porch with a tent in the yard of the inside of the facility.

Another factor would that this cemetery circuit, which could be a tourism theme for tourists, could mark Topeka as the most unique cemetery environment in America--paving the way for other cities in America to follow. It would no doubt get national newsworthy attention as well as PBS documentaries nationally and worldwide. Any city that would have arrangements to handle their dead in this manner would make a dynamic statement to the rest of the world, that Topeka would be the ideal place to spend retirement years and where death is not so much of a negative thing, but an artistic departure from this world.

Tourism and increase of population would be our reward as well as the revitalization of a dying industry in our city.



Do Animals have souls? This is a factual article and the news is all good. The article will use a reference inspired scripture from the Bible and the Book of Enoch, and The Secrets of Enoch.

Beautiful hand crafted wooden caskets available for $500 to $1, 200.00. A photo gallery and prices.

Yes, you can buy, or build your own caskets. But it's hard to beat what is already available from various companies and at the prices offered.

A photo gallery of beautiful botanical parks associated with cemeteries in the USA and abroad.

The breathtaking technology of a resurrection and the inevitability of it's occurrence.

How did biblical patriarchs handle burials? Was there a preferred method?

What's the advantage of a burial over cremation?

Should we have a local casket maker here in Topeka that specializes in hand crafted wooden caskets?

How can we contribute our personal artistic touches to the building of a casket for a loved one?

What are the THREE formalized and prophesied resurrections mentioned in the Bible? And what's the time sequence?

What is the difference in the "harvest of the first fruits" and the "final harvest of souls"? This will be an inspiring article because it proves that the final harvest of souls awaits the resurrection to a physical body in a paradise. This will include the vast majority of people living in the past, present and future. These people will be resurrected to receive their first chance for salvation when Satan will be chained. This is an almost sure calling. It will be a happy time. We're told that we will recognize our relatives and friends.

Will we see our pets again in the resurrection?


Old Pine Box Co., Rambling Rose, $875.00


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The proposed botanical funeral park would not impose the "erie" feeling that most folks associate with a funeral parlor setting. Coupled with "Old Betsy", the appeal would skyrocket for grave site burials. The setting would be inspiring for those who have traveled many miles to get to the funeral and the inspiring catered reception that awaits them as they are transported by electric trolley car on steel tracks back to the garden would be a talked about event for decades. The photos above and below, taken in Oregon, would be what our funeral park would resemble.
NOTICE: This park is not a cemetery, it's only a botanical style garden for social occasions and is more private than public parks.
The standard burial package could include a natural wood casket, such as this one selling for $1,700 by Old Pine Box Co., style "Caballero". The natural beauty of the proposed funeral format can steer people away from the stigmas and erie feelings of what they have been accustom to with overdone products. The above casket is a work of art. Folks can order them in advance and put them in storage. Maybe even admire them in advance of need. They would make good storage units for family heirlooms until actually needed for burial.
These photos illustrate the beauty of that can be experienced in cemetery gardens. Below these are photos of botanical gardens of the proposed funeral park. See bottom photos.