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Mission Statement



Do you feel that Topeka small businesses struggle because of lack of:

Consumer demand (population base insufficient)

Careless public relations

Poor marketing strategy




What do you think would attract business to Topeka?


What do you feel is the cause of Topeka's downtown being forsaken by businesses and consumers?


If a street railway system of electric trolley cars would attract industry via entreprenuers and developers, adding many thousands of private sector jobs and hundreds of employers, including upstart small businesses, would you be in favor of a slight, temporary, self-cancelling sales tax increase to parcially fund the project? (This would mean the tax would only fund the balance of what federal grants and private funding may not be able to reach).

Yes to temporary tax increase

No to temporary tax increase


Business and Property Owners: If an electric trolley streetcar system would deliver hundreds of thousands of tourists per year to your business front, would this affect the target marketing of your existing business and/or change the plans of existing real estate near the alignment of these steel rails.

Yes, it would influence my current plans.

No, it would not affect me or the useage of my building.


Do you think Topeka citizens are knowledgeable enough about such a electric street railway trolley system to intellently vote on a related issue?

Yes, they are knowledgeable enough now to deliver a majority yes vote concerning related subjects.

No, they are not knowledgeable enough at this point in time to understand the issues.


What do you think would be the best WAY to get the general population educated, within six months, about how new electric trolley systems are affecting many cities in America and how they could affect Topeka?



If the editor of The Steel Rails Advocate electronic "newspaper" (this website) could put out a physical newspaper specificallly about this subject every month, targeting somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 readers, do you think people would offer intelligent input to the issues of an electric trolley railway system in Topeka?


Do you think our city government is still of the people, by the people and for the people--assuming we can overwhelm them with "yes" votes about issues which we require and demand to be applied to our city?

Yes. We people DO have the power to get our way at the polls in favor of our wishes and how we require our city officials to work for us or be recalled out of office BY US--the people.

No. We, the people DO NOT have the power to get our way even at the polls with an overwhelming majority in favor of us.


If The Steel Rails Advocate could deliver matters to local government in a unified voice of a majority public opinion about the matters of an electric trolley street railway system once again in Topeka to improve the lives of all who live here alont with futer generations, and take command of our city government with a drastic influence upon state government, would you personally support such a paper?

Yes, I would support such a paper and the cause.

No. I would not support such a paper nor it's cause.


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