The Steel Rails Advocate will promote the addition of streetcar/trams to various cities and combination of cities in the state of Kansas and especially Topeka due to an economic need to add many thousands of private sector jobs and hundreds of new employers due to investors gravitating to the area. We will promote the employment of thousands of future local citizens and their children and grandchildren as the result of adding light rail to our community. Light rail will also empower many upstart businesses and existing businesses. A better mode of transportation in Topeka would only be a fringe benefit while a lifestyle for all would be elevated to a much higher art form. This will be the main theme of The Steel Rails Advocate.

We will:
1. Be a Liaison between Topeka citizens and city and state government. A communication of urgent matters and concerns about our city, light rail and what effect it will have on many hundreds of families will be delivered to the office of the Mayor, City Manager and City Council and to the Governor. We will deliver matters of urgency concerning small businesses and of future of generations--and deliver these urgent matters to city and state government with one organized and unanimous voice.

2. Teach the general public “everything there is to know about streetcar transportation--and then some.” We will prove to them what light rail can do for Topeka and how it can insure a future for generations to come--right here in Topeka. This must occur before there can be one unanimous voice of the people approaching the polls with the power overriding irresponsible government control if the need arises. The "powers that be" will know that they work for the people.

3. Propose track plans enabling regional and national tourism in a Phase One of track installation. Economic Development will the focal point of the proposal rather than practical transportation. Phase Two and Phase Three will deal with practical transpiration where most busses will be replaced by electric streetcars on rails. These following Phases could possibly be funded long-term by the Phase One operation of the River Front theme.

4. Study and communicate the effects of light rail applied to tourism as it will be applied specifically to the Topeka area. Due to unique and fortunate features of Topeka (explained elsewhere in this newspaper), Topeka will be free to be creative with light rail. That specific uniqueness will be studied, monitored, and communicated in the pages of The Steel Rails Advocate--perpetually.

5. Picture the “raising of the bar” effect on artistic living in Topeka as the result of light rail installation in Topeka and the empowerment of many excellent ideas of hundreds of citizens and how these empowered ideas will effect consumer demand for products and services in Topeka.

6. Create a forum for the citizens of Topeka about the specific subject of light rail and the handling of our historic assets. This organizational feature of The Steel Rails Advocate will take on the function of a movement to recall politicians not representing the will of the people. The city government will actually be as it is constitutionally meant to be--a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Under such an extreme and highly unlikely circumstance, the recalled politicians will send a message to their replacements, that they work for the people, paid by the people and will answer to the people.

7. Publish an entertaining publication of people who ride the rails and the places they go and the things they do. This will include the ideas of our people and how their ideas may affect and enhance the experiences of travelers along the alignment, especially the River Front loop.


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