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Streetcar, Tram, Light Rail Manufactures Worldwide

All rolling stock (heavy and light)


Bombardier Transportation

North America Location:
1101 Parent Street
Saint-Bruno, Québec
Canada J3V 6E6
Tel.: +1 450 441-2020
Fax: +1 450 441-1515 Contact us

Bombardier Transportation is headquartered in Berlin, Germany. Bombardier PrimoveCity, is the trademark and product name of the Company's new e-mobility solution, enabeling a next generation of electric mobility. PrimoveCity addresses the range and recharging constraints of electric vehicles and promises to reshape transportation by providing common technology for all forms of electric vehicles, including trams, buses, commercial vehicles, taxis and cars. The new centre is located at Bombardier’s engineering and manufacturing site in Mannheim, Germany, which will also have a state-of-the-art testing and development facility opening in September 2011. The new e-mobility centre will support future partnerships, projects and opportunities in the fast moving electric mobility sector.

Bombardier Tram at Olympics in Vancouver

Gomaco Trolly Co.

Gomaco Trolley Company located in Ida Grove, Iowa.

GOMACO Corporation
GOMACO International
121 E. State Highway 175
PO Box 151
Ida Grove, Iowa USA 51445
Phone: 712-364-3347
Fax: 712.364.3986

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Gomaco also has locations in England, Singapore; Brisbane, Queensland
Australia; and Cochabamba, Bolivia.

Gomaco Trolley Company manufactures authentic-style trolley cars and incorporates the engineering technology of today. Gomaco offers consultation on the restoration of existing trolley cars or in the manufacturing of new trolley cars.

Above: Gomaco made trolly car


Oregon Iron Works and/or the subsidiary, United Streetcar company.

United Streetcar
9700 SE Lawnfield Rd.
Clackamas, OR 97015
USAPhone: (503) 653-6300
Fax: (503) 653-5870

Manufactures Modern Streetcars from the United States. United Streetcar is a subsidiary of Oregon Iron Works, Inc. and provides modern streetcars to cities across the nation. United Streetcar has manufactured the first “Buy America” compliant streetcar in the United States since 1952. They continue to manufacture production streetcars for cities across the USA.
Their U.S. streetcar fabrication has resulted in the creation of a new industry and additional opportunities for vendors in over 20 states. United Streetcar offers a green urban transit option and is in business to provide future modern streetcars and supporting their growing demand in America and worldwide.

Above: United Streetcar factory


High quality and reliable rail vehicles

Siemans Mobility Division, U.S.

Headquarters and Rolling Stock: 7464 French Road
Sacramento, CA 95828
Phone (916) 681-3000
Fax (916) 681-3006

Mobility Division CEO - Oliver O. Hauck

Siemens manufactures light rail vehicles for North America at its Sacramento plant - a facility mainly powered by solar energy.

The Electrification and Turn Key plant is located in Portland, Oregon.

Siemens is currently manufacturing light rail vehicles in Sacramento for Denver, Calgary, Edmonton, Portland, Hampton Roads, Charlotte, and Salt Lake City.

--Siemens supplies 1 out of every 3 light rail vehicles in North America and offers traction electrification systems in more than a dozen U.S. cities.
--Rail energy storage from Siemens and regenerative braking systems can save as much as 170 tons of CO2 annually.
--Siemens’ recent capital investments include the insourcing of carshell and bogie manufacturing and installing a 2MW solar energy system at its Sacramento facility.
--Big cities and congested urban areas benefit from intelligent traffic system technologies from Siemens that help manage and guide traffic.
--Siemens is helping New Yorkers on the MTA’s Canarsie subway line move faster and more safely than ever before with one of the most modern rail communications and signalling systems.
--Siemens provides baggage handling systems for more than 100 major U.S. airports.
--Siemens produces automation systems that help the U.S. Postal Service process 90 percent of the nation's mail.

Seimens 7-car light rail train.










RPR Consulting

Streetcar and Heritage Railway Consultants

John Smatlak, Founder

What do we do?

RPR is a Los Angeles-based small-business consulting firm that provides a range of technical and consulting services to the rail transit and heritage railway fields. RPR's customers range from city governments and transit agencies transportation museums.

The company was founded by John Smatlak in 1999. Working with a diverse group of associates, RPR provides clients with access to highly specialized resources that might otherwise be extremely difficult to find. Teams of personnel can be assembled to meet a wide range of customer needs. RPR is a certified SBE and frequently partners with other consulting firms as part of a team approach to larger projects.

Services include feasibility studies and safety certification, research and technical documentation, vehicle evaluations / appraisals and restoration services, vehicle testing (including accelerometer testing) and regulatory expertise.

RPR is dedicated to providing clients with the most accurate and up to date information for their projects.

Demonstrating this commitment, in 2000 RPR debuted the Streetcar & Vintage Trolley Systems web site to provide a resource for planners and others interested in learning about the potential for streetcar operations in their own cities. The site’s content is continually updated and it is a frequently consulted industry resource.

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(818) 704-5171




KINKISHARYO International, LLC
US Headquarters:
400 Blue Hill Drive
Suite #3B
Westwood, MA 02090
Phone: 1-888-4-SHARYO (474-2796)


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One Example: New Jersey Transit (NJT) needed to quickly add passenger capacity in a booming area on the Jersey City Waterfront. We responded by completing the project in an impressive 40 months from notice-to-proceed to in-service. The Hudson Bergen Line was the first Design-Build-Operate-Maintain (DBOM) transit operation in the U.S. It was also the first in North America to feature a 70% low-floor light rail vehicle design.

More than just moving people, it was about redeveloping an area where vacant brownfields once straddled the former Jersey Central line, which now stands a prosperous urban area thanks to the light rail.

Other success stories are: Sound Transit, Valley Metro Rail, Santa Clara Valley, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, Mass-s-achusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Dubai Metro, Tram Hirashima. See above link for details.


TranSystems 800-835-4627 Transystems Inc . Po Box 47, Tannersville, PA 18372 (East Stroudsburg, PA Area. Sullivan Trail leads NW from Tannersville to the Factory location.) (570) 619-8285

With a full spectrum of disciplines, industry focus, and geographic reach, TranSystems will take a client’s vision from the conceptual environment to the built environment. Tran System's experience crosses the entire spectrum of transportation-related systems so the company is able to tailor an approach to a client's individual project. This would be a service to be looked into for the River Front Zephyr ride in Topeka, Kansas due to the tourism nature of passengers wanting to reserve groups of seats in advance for socializing during their ride. The "streetcar would mix with traffic but have some characteristics of a Tram--not stopping as frequently as most streetcars and catering to groups of tourists.

According to an article in Rail Transit Online (December 2008), TranSystems modified a retired Melbourne W5 streetcar in Savannah, over 70 years old, by fitting it with an on-board biodiesel generator to supply electricity to the traction motors, somewhat similar to the propulsion configuration used on several other lines, such as one in Galveston. Typically, with these kinds of low-cost systems, project managers have sought to avoid the expense and logistical aspects of overhead contact systems (OCS) for supplying power.

Savannah Streetcar modified by TranSystems














Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. General Engineering Contractors Light Rail General Contractors

1320 Harbor Bay Parkway -- Suite 240, Alameda, California 94502-6580

Headquarters Phone: 510-748-1870

Patricia Darnell, Business Development E-mail: [email protected]

John Bollier, President/CEO Cell Phone: (503) 380-4061[email protected]

Steve W. Benninga, P.E., Chief Estimator State License No. 41305 FAX 510-748-1205 [email protected]


Steve Benninga recommends buying T-rail (light rail weight) which is available through L.B.Foster Company--Rail Brokers. They are located in the United States. Regular "streetcar rail" is only available through Austria. Shipping costs are substancial. The trend of the future seems to be running streetcars on the 115 pound light rail (T-rail). This rail is 13 yards (39 feet) in length and weighs 1495 pounds. The standard cost is $1200.00 per American ton. Rail costs have fluctuated between $670.00 and $897.00 per rail. Average per foot price for this rail is $125.00.

Stacy and Witbeck, Inc. are the contractors that installed the track for the Portland system. Of he streetcar systems across the nation, Steve Benninga stated that Portland and Salt Lake City are prime examples of a superb streetcar system.

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Other Girder Rail Manufacturers

Voestalpine AG
Voest-Alpine-Strasse 1
A-4020 Linz

Telephone: 43 0 732 6585 2090
Fax: 43 0 732 6980 8981
Web site: http://www.voestalpine.com

Principal Competitors (may or may not manufacture girder rail)
USX-U.S. Steel Group; Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.; Nippon Steel Corporation; Gerdau SA; Usinor SA; Thyssen Krupp AG;


L.B. Foster Company

Rail Specifications

Corporate Managaement Location:

L.B. Foster Company
415 Holiday Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

L.B. Foster Website

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